Community is essential and Faith Freedom Life is honored to have partnerships
with organizations who share our heart to help families in need.
Young Christian Professionals

The Young Christian Professionals’ curriculum is designed to develop young leaders into godly men and women through a unique set of Biblical Character studies, Challenges, and Executive Etiquette skills, created to develop integrity, discipline, and professionalism, then dispatch them back into their respective communities and workplaces as impactful leaders.

Created by three inmates with over 35 years prison experience combined, the three understood the specific needs of today’s entrepreneurial youth, and joined forces to address those needs of young people in a way that would be exciting, fun, edifying, and practical.

Y.O.U.R. Relationship
Family & Relationship Building Course

Welcome to the Y.O.U.R. Relationship, Family & Relationship Building Course!

Our goal with this course is to help couples experiencing incarceration to unearth hidden truths about themselves and their partner that will empower them both through their journey of incarceration.

It’s more than just a course, but one specifically tailored for couples undergoing the prison experience. As an eagle flies into the storm using the winds to reach higher altitudes, with this program, participants will receive experiential knowledge and lessons that will help them and their partners navigate the difficult terrain of incarceration and use it to grow closer through what may be the toughest storm in their lives.

This course will also help couples implement biblical truths into their relationships that will aid in unleashing the potential love and longevity that God has given each and every one of us deep within.

Filling The Gap 

  • Dr. Zaria Davis – Founder of Filling the Gap.  Mother, mentor, educator, advocate and community activist.
  • Self care
  • Telling your truth
  • Leadership Development
  • Trauma associated with incarceration and reentry
  • Navigating Pretrial
  • Accessing Resources