Take a few moments to learn about the Faith Freedom Life Team

Ashley Bass

BOARD director

Ashley was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and is a graduate of Wright State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.  In 2006 and at the age of 16, Ashley emerged in the working world as a youth mentor for the Dayton Urban League Life Program.  In 2016 she began her career as a teacher of students grades K-12.  Currently, she is a case manager for at risk youth, helps children and families obtain basic necessities, and works to ensure they are successful in pursuit of their education. For Ashley, the favorite aspect of being a case manager is planting seeds in students’ lives that that she knows will yield fruit.  Her areas of speciality are logistics, social media and branding, and case management.  In her spare time, Ashley also loves volunteering with The Dayton African American Cultural Festival (DAACF).  She proudly carries the torch that “Mama Frankye” passed to her in 2016 to manifest and grow the vision of the DAACF.  Ashley’s son “SJ” is the love of her life with whom she loves to spend quality time.  Her hobbies include shopping, reading books, and listening to music.

Kimberly Huckleby

BOARD director

Educator, youth advocate and entrepreneur.  Founder of youth mentorship organization Ladies of Leadership (L.O.L.), est. 2007.  LOL exists to change one life at a time by breaking down barriers to overcome negative influences in young ladies’ lives.

Briana Fulton

BOARD Secretary

Born in Cincinnati, Briana’s journey is marked by her passion for helping people with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Briana is a dedicated event planner and servant leader, who has devoted her career to creating meaningful experiences and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Briana honed her skills at Ball State University and expanded her knowledge in event planning and organizational leadership. Ball State is where Briana discovered her love for assisting and bringing people together and facilitating connections during her time as a resident assistant. This revelation led her to the field of event planning where she found her true calling and takes pride in meeting people where they are by tailoring services to best meet her client’s needs. 

Briana currently works at the Cincinnati NAACP, a non-profit organization focused on civil rights and the equality of all persons. Briana is pivotal in supporting the organization’s mission to advocate for the underserved and underrepresented communities of Cincinnati. In this capacity, she leverages her organizational skills and attention to detail to ensure the smooth functioning of the NAACP’s administrative operations. As an event planner, Briana has orchestrated numerous successful events, showcasing her ability to handle large-scale projects with finesse. Her notable achievements include planning and executing a 1,500-person fundraiser for the Cincinnati NAACP, which bolstered the organization’s financial standing and heightened its visibility and impact within the community. One of Briana’s proudest accomplishments is the initiation of the NAACP’s flagship event, the Women’s Empowerment Luncheon. This annual gathering of over 3 years, serves as a platform to celebrate and uplift women, fosters community and empowerment, and supports her personal belief in the transformative power of unity and support among women.

Briana Fulton’s biography is a testament to her extraordinary commitment to detail, love for helping others, and ability to bring people together through the art of event planning. Her prominent role in the Cincinnati NAACP exemplifies the impact that one individual, driven by passion and purpose, can have on the lives of many. As she continues to shape and contribute to her community, Briana remains a shining example of a servant leader dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

Curtis "P-Nut" Johnson

BOARD director

Curtis “P-Nut” Johnson was born and raised in Dayton, OH where he continues to make a significant impact. Committed to improving the education infrastructure of crime filled communities across the world, Curtis channels his expertise and understanding to provide invaluable insights in various fields including stocks, cryptocurrency, digital real estate, life insurance, grants and small business loans, he serves as a trusted consultant. As a founding member of Sankofa Investment Group LLP, Legendary People Podcast, and Official Network and Chill, Curtis has also authored essential resources like “Dash Resource 5 Step Beginner’s Edition to Stock Trading”, and “Dash Resource Master Class”. Additionally, he showcases his creativity as a designer for the merchandise and clothing brand, Cæpįtæłíśt (Capitalist).